The Girl Who Made It Snow (2014) – The First Kara Cove-Brown novel set in modern day Bristol, where a young girl promises to make it snow for her Great-Grandmother even though the weatherman is predicting a warm Christmas Day.

Short Stories

A Row Boat to Steepholm (2015) – A Kara Cove-Brown short story set the spring after The Girl Who Made It Snow, when her grandfather promises to take her on great adventures to Steepholm Island in the middle of the Bristol Channel.

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Haiku Collections

108 Breaths (2011) – 108 haiku plus haibun, odd poetry and The Spare Room a short story, all charting Mark’s 5 years in Japan.

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300+ Articles published on the Austin Post in 2010 and 2011. Also a named contributor to sites such as WiseGeek, eHow, Stop Anxiety Attacks, Steps to Recovery, Invisible Children, and Tech Function.

4 articles published with Naniwa, plus numerous articles as Editor of The Osakan and The Nightingale.

Letters – Western Daily Press, Gloucestershire Echo, Geographical Magazine, Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan Times, Daily Telegraph