Murakami Ryu

Murakami Ryu’s “Piercing” is an intense psycho-thriller in the vein of his earlier work, “In The Miso Soup.” This time instead of a murderous American tourist and the rotten side of Tokyo’s pink industry, we have a married man who was abused as a kid.

Kawashima Masayuki thinks he stabbed someone when he was younger, but he can’t be sure. This leads to fantasies about stabbing his daughter. To put these desires, which scare him, to bed for good, he decides to kill someone. From there he plans the perfect murder involving a call girl/masseuse. The kind of person people do not miss and who forms the perfect victim in so many books and movies.

He does not reckon on his victim being as screwed up as him and Sanada Chiaki is screwed up. Things spiral out of control and it is hard to know who to feel sympathy for as the psychotic story swings from side to side before the typically Japanese ending. Crowbourne

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