Seems Like I’m Off to Florence on a Work Trip

Over the 7 years I’ve been a freelance writer, I’ve often said that writing in theory gives me the opportunity to live and write anywhere. Yet, despite the first year spent in Budapest and Pecs in Hungary, my only trips abroad have been to go on holiday and that’s it. Well, those trips have been a week in Bath and Oxford, a week in Guangzhou and 3 days in Prague, so not much at all really.

Being a freelancer is tough work. Money rises and falls, and when it rises taxes wipe out what little savings you have. Sadly, the latest round of taxes and expectations for the next one have scuppered any chance of seeing Taiwan in the next few months.

Until now, work has not thrown up any exotic field trips unless you count Birmingham as exotic. If you do, you need to get out of Coventry more. That being said, I’ve found myself writing as if I’d been all over the world and worked for websites in most countries including a 2 month stint writing for a hyperlocal site in Austin, Texas despite never having been to the Lone Star State.

However, that’s finally about to change. Work has been good lately, productive, more lucrative than I’m used to and with some good, solid clients. And then came the chance to write for a photography and travel client in Florence, Italy, for a week. Who could say no? It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit, mostly thanks to Dante, and I’m stoked.

I only have one week to prepare, but it could be an amazing trip even if I will be working on 5 of the 9 whole days that I’ll be in the city. It’s also a test run of something I’d like to save up for in 2018 (I know, 2017 has only just started), but a work and travel trip around the UK before moving somewhere new or maybe getting that long wished for MA somewhere.

We shall see about that long-term plan. In the meantime, I have got myself an AirBnB place right in the heart of Oltrarno’s crafts district – Via Toscanella. It is also close to Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti. Being the Aspie introvert and worrier, I’m going to be paranoid about missing connections, getting on the wrong bus and somehow getting from Pisa to Florence then to my AirBnB in time to pick up the keys… but hey, it’s an adventure and I for one cannot wait to eat real Italian food, wander the streets of a city that actually looks nice (no offense Bristol, but no), and well, work a lot I guess…


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