Short Stories

Take a look below at our gallery of stories written and translated by Mark Wollacott. To read more, just click on each image where you will be taken to an exclusive preview page and purchasing options.

Short Story Collections

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Single Frames
12 short stories, released over a 3-4 month period on Patreon and as single short stories on and Each story combines the title of a classic Japanese movie with the unique styles of Ryujin and Mark Wollacott – and more than a hint of Yasunari Kawabata. At the end of the sequence, the stories will be combined into an eBook and paperback collection called Single Frames.

Single Frames Vol.1 includes:

  1. Yoru no Tsuzumi AKA Night Drum
  2. Hadaka no Shima AKA The Naked Island
  3. Tokyo no Onna AKA Woman of Tokyo
  4. Ukikusa AKA Floating Weeds
  5. Soshun AKA Early Spring
  6. Rashomon
  7. Kawaita Hana AKA Pale Flower
  8. Nihon no Higeki AKA A Japanese Tragedy
  9. Tanin no Kao AKA The Face of Another
  10. Narayama Bushiko AKA The Ballard of Narayama
  11. Hakuchu no Torima AKA Violence at Noon
  12. Ikimono no Kiroku AKA Record of a Living Being

The Kara Cove-Brown Books
Starting with the novel, The Girl Who Made It Snow, the Kara Cove-Brown books follow the life and adventures of Kara, of mixed heritage, growing up in Bristol – a place where an eccentric cast of people and mythical beings combine. Follow Kara’s adventures as she tries to make it snow, reach Steepholm, and thwart the machinations of various beings and people.

The Kara Cove-Brown Chronicles Include:

  1. A Row Boat to Steepholm